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Solar Roof Pump For Hawaii Flat Roofs

Hawaiian Ponding water on Flat Roofs

Did you know that Hawaii has the most ³flat roof² per capita in the United States? Many Hawaiian property owners realize that ponding water can become an issue on their flat roof. Water that stands or ponds on flat roofs is responsible for more damage to flat, low-slope roofs than any other roof issue. Beside creating stress to the roofing assembly of the flat roof, it can cause premature deterioration and even health issues.

Hawaii roof pumps

Standing water or ponding water on your flat roof magnifies the sun rays! As your flat roof ponds water the water actually acts like a magnifying glass. Ponding water on your flat roof can cause major roofing issues with your acrylic or elastomeric protective coatings. Standing water on a flat roof can quickly deteriorate your elastomeric coating, which may permit premature deterioration of your flat roof.

Many Hawaiian roofing contractor can offer solutions to ponding water or standing water on a flat roof, but it can be expensive. Re-pitching and re-decking your flat roof is the best way to remove standing water from your flat roof, but the most expensive way to solve your ponding water issues. Many roofing contractors will try to ³build-up² low areas of a flat roof which many times just displaces water to another area.

The Solution For Ponding Water on Flat Roofs in Hawaii

If you have a low area on your flat roof that ponds water, and you do not have a budget to re-pitch and re-deck your roof, ask your roofing contractor of Hawaii about the Sentinel II Solar Roof Pump for your flat roof. This ponding pump is a simple solution at a very reasonable cost.

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How much does it rain on the Hawaiian Island?

Rainfall in Hawaii varies greatly between the islands. The greatest rain is at elevations between 300 and 3000 feet, and on the windward side of most of the Hawaiian islands. As the warm, moist air passes over the islands, it must rise and cool as it passes over the hills and mountains. As it cools, water condenses. Therefore, the amount of rain depends strongly on location. Hawaii's tropical rain may be very heavy at times. Usually the downpours of short duration, but during winter storms, serious flood occur near rivers on the windward side of islands.

For ponding water on your flat roof, get a Sentinel II Solar Roof Pump.

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