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Solar Attic Fans

Will a Solar Attic Fan really work?

The Solaro Aire™ solar attic fan can remove moisture from your attic that can cause mold and mildew especially in the winter plus will thoroughly and effectively ventilate up to 1500 square feet during the hot summer months. The Solaro Aire™ Solar Attic Fan doesn’t cost one penny to operate! It’s completely powered by the sun! Its proprietary built-in 20 watt high performance solar panel will deliver the highest output of power, blowing all other products of its kind out of the water (literally)! The Solaro Aire™ Solar Attic Fan has an automatic thermostat option available to turn the high performance motor on when the attic space reaches 85°F so your attic will always stay cool, not to mention keep your energy bill down!

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

When its cold outside, warm moist air from inside of your home rises into the attic area and mixes with the colder air. This air condenses creating a moist environment for mold and mildew. If you live in a climate where snow and ice the warmer attic air can melt the snow and ice, which may allow it to migrate and form ice-dams. These ice-dams can cause water to migrate back up under your roofing system into your home.

It is said that 28 gallons of moisture is added to your home’s attic space during the winter months. This moisture causes mold and mildew growth and can cause your insulation to lose its effectiveness.

It’s Freakin’ Hot Outside!

During the summer months, your attic can reach over 160 degrees or more. The heat build up in your attic can rises the temperature inside your home, which can cause more energy usage to keep your house cool.
43% of air conditioning design load is predicated on attic heat build-up.

Studies have shown that moderate attic temperatures can extend roof life up to 10%. Hot air in your attic can then heat the metal exterior of your air conditioning duct work and may even heat the air passing through it, causing your air conditioner to work even harder.

Solaro Aire™ Solar Attic Fan will outperform any competitive solar fan by 30% to 200% or your money back!

Attic Fan Requirements Chart


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