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Solar Energy Is The Future Trend of Energy

Solar Energy or Solar power is radiant light and heat from our sun. This energy has been harnessed by mankind since the beginning of time. In general, solar energy technologies include, solar photovoltaic's, solar heating, and solar thermal electricity, just to name a few.

How Does Solar energy Actually Work?

Solar panels turn the sun¹s solar energy into electricity through photovoltaic's.  Photovoltaic's allow electrons on the surface of a solar panel to be knocked loose by the incoming rays of the sun.  These loose electrons create a direct current (DC) of electricity as they follow a pre-determined pathway on the solar panel.  The DC electricity is then either stored in batteries, sent to the grid, or converted into alternating current (AC) using an inverter for use at a location.

Solar Energy and Roofing

Besides the popular solar panels (solar photovoltaic's) we see on roofs for energy and solar heating, solar energy technology has come a long way. Now we have solar shingles, solar attic fans and now the Sentinel II solar-powered auxiliary roof ponding pump for flat roofs that pond water. Since roofs are the largest area on most homes and buildings in only makes sense to use that roof space to harness the energy of the sun.

Other Solar Products

As solar technology advances there are many products that are now becoming solar powered. You have soar skylights, solar generators, solar grow lights, solar fans, solar powered battery chargers, solar powered landscape or security lighting, soar powered cell phone chargers and even solar powered bug zappers. With solar power technology advancement it is now possible to have portable solar power to charge your electronics away from electrical outlets.  Using this solar technology even your cell phone or lap top can be charged harnessing the sun¹s energy.

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