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Roof Coatings for Flat Roofs

If you have a flat roof you understand the issues that can accompany flat roofs, ponding water, scupper clogs, drain issues, HVAC equipment issues, the list can go on.  Many property owners wonder if coating there flat roof with an elastomeric coating is a wise thing to do... The simple answer is YES!

Will Elastomeric Coating Solve My Flat Roof Problems?

Many flat roof owners feel that if they put on some white roof coating that their flat roof leak problems will be solved.  The number one thing to remember is to hire a licensed roofing contractor who understands flat roofs.  These roofing professionals understand the dynamics of flat roofs, where they leak, how they work and how to professionally apply elastomeric coatings.  Your professional, licensed roofing contractor will first repair all leaks areas, using a roofing fabric like Tietex® or purchase a similar product from manufactures like Western Colloid.  First, your roofing contractor will repair your flat roof leak areas using this roofing fabric and the elastomeric fluid applied coating.  After the flat roof problem areas are addressed they will then apply the elastomeric coatings.

Roof Coating Brand Logos

Elastomeric Coatings and standing water on flat roofs.

Many times property owners will be disappointed after investing in a cool roof elastomeric coating for their flat roof only to find it lifting and peeling in ponding areas.  Many manufacturers like KM coatings have developed products for ponding areas on flat roofs. KM coatings MFG of Arizona has developed a product called Ure-Flex.  This product was developed for ponding areas or where ever water stands on a flat roof.

Solar Energy and Cool Roof Coatings.

"Cool Roofs," using white elastomeric roof coatings to reflect heat and light away from the roof, provide huge financial benefits in reducing air conditioning costs and equipment wear. Federal and State governments has created tax incentives for energy-saving improvements, including cool roof coatings. Many states are now offering incentives to contractors and homeowners who use cool roof coatings, so you'll receive another benefit for choosing one of the most effective roof coatings available today. A ponding pump will protect these coatings from standing-water damage.

Elastomeric Coating Manufactures for Flat Roofs

There are many manufactures of elastomeric coatings and many quality difference of elastomeric coatings for flat roofs.  Here are just a few manufactures of elastomeric coatings for your flat roof; KM Coatings MFG, Western Colloid, Gardner-Gibson, ERSystems, and Henry just to name a few.

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